July 2012

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June 2012
Vol. 1, Issue 4
May 2012
Vol. 1 Issue 3
April 2012
Vol. 1 Issue 2


Feature Article

Rich Redmond

A testament to his talent

Ray Rocha, editor, Music Insider Magazine speaks with Rich Redmond, drummer for Jason Aldean, Hank Williams III, Ludacris and more…

Rich Redmond is one of the most positive, upbeat, dedicated and driven musicians I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. Not to mention his serious chops (he’s currently on tour with Jason Aldean). During our recent conversation, I found out a number of interesting tidbits about his career, his achievements and the day-to-day life of this amazing drummer, educator and studio musician.

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Editorial Corner

Welcome to the Music Insider Digest

Teri Doty

Music Insider Digest editor, Ray Rocha, catches up with drummer, Rich Redmond of Jason Aldean and many others, to see how this beat man stays busy in this issue's feature story.

How far would you go to protect your band's name? Short on cash would like to know.

A band who's ready to go back out on the road is having some issues with another member who doesn't share the same vision. Read what some of you had to say.

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What's Your Best Advice

This Issue's Dilemma:

Should You Trademark Your Band Name?

People are telling me that I should trademark my band name because another band with the same name could trademark theirs and stop me from using ours. It's going to cost quite a bit in attorney fees to do this but even more if we have to change the band name and repackage CDs and redo our merch. Should we just take our chances or just kick out the extra cash for the trademark fees?

— Signed, Short on cash

Share your best advice and you could win a $100.

Previous Dilemma:

On the road again ... or not.

Our band is pumped to go out on tour, however, one of our other band members is not. We're starting to really develop a following and to stop now may ruin it for us. How do you handle this lack of enthusiasm?

Signed, The touring whore        Read what others had to say.

Video of the Month
Five Finger Death Punch
Music Marketing

Participation or Engagement or Social Media Marketing
The name doesn't matter, reaching buyers does
by Meryl K. Evans, Editor, Professional Services Journal

5 Steps for Musicians to Dominate Facebook
(or ANY Social Media)
from musicmarketing.com

Industry Connections

Julian Coryell
Genetically tested guitar prodigy and musician’s musician
by Stephen Stern, Music Insider Magazine

How to Make the Right Connections in the Music Industry
Making the right music connections is a key factor in successful music career.
by Tom Hess, emusicguides.com

Business Sense

How to Start an Independent Music Production Company
Requires an "ear" for musical detail and talent
by Matt McKay, Demand Media

How to Choose the Right Music Producer and Studio
Choose as if you were choosing who will deliver your baby
by Christopher Harding, Yahoo! Contributor Network


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